Planning committee decides Ottawa is a 65-storey city

By Jon Willing, Ottawa Citizen, July 10, 2018

Ottawa is a 65-storey city, no matter what a community plan says.

That’s the view of the majority of planning committee members who voted Tuesday to recommend allowing a giant three-tower complex at 900 Albert St., near the Bayview O-Train station.

Councillors Jan Harder, Tim Tierney, Stephen Blais, Rick Chiarelli, Jean Cloutier, Allan Hubley and Shad Qadri voted in favour of planning amendments that would allow the development, while Jeff Leiper and Tobi Nussbaum opposed. Council will cast the final vote Wednesday.

(...)The city’s Bayview station secondary plan allows a maximum of 30 storeys on the property, but the official plan calls for buildings taller than 30 storeys to be within 200 metres of transit stations in mixed-use centres. A prime candidate for the official plan direction would be 900 Albert St.

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