Dry conditions a concern for homeowners and a worry for farmers and firefighters

By Joanne Schnurr, CTV News, July 9, 2018

A heat wave continues for much of Eastern Ontario including here in Ottawa and Gatineau. But you don't need Environment Canada to tell you that. Just take a look at most lawns around town and that will tell the tale.It seems as though we all wished too hard for that cold wet spring to stop and stop it did. We haven't had any significant rainfall in more than a month with no end in sight.

Ottawa homeowner Mandy Bell knows her grass crunches when she walks on it. Her perennials seem to be surviving this sustained heat, but her lawn? That's another issue.

(...)But when your livelihood depends on your plants, this kind of weather is costing money.

“If you've noticed, these berries are small,” says Gerry Rochon, of Rochon Gardens in Edwards, as he walks through one of his strawberry patches.

The strawberries in that patch should be lush and red right now and ready to pick but that particular field is too far from a water source to irrigate so the berries are done.


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