Barnes: To help save the climate, elect a greener Ottawa City Council

By Robb Barnes, Ottawa Citizen, July 6, 2018

The irony was unmistakable. Just two days after a sweltering Canada Day, reported by the Ottawa Citizen as having the highest humidex level ever recorded in Ottawa, Doug Ford pulled the plug on cap-and-trade, a critical component of the province’s plan to take action on climate change.

The province’s move caps off a brutal month for climate action in Ottawa.

On June 19, Ottawans woke up to some bad news. Ford had just gutted the GreenON program, the province’s program for helping people save money on energy through home improvements. After a campaign built around helping out the “little guy,” Ford’s action punished average homeowners by making it harder for them to install new windows, insulation and efficient heating. Ottawa business owners and contractors also had the rug pulled out from under them, with collapsing demand for their services and a long line of angry customers left in the lurch.

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