Today's letters: Carbon taxes, trade boycotts, marketing boards

By David Lorge Parnas and others, Ottawa Citizen Letters to the Editor, June 23, 2018

Teach the benefits of carbon pricing

Re: Tories push for carbon costing, June 15; Ford promises to kill Ontarioʼs carbon market in the most damaging fashion, June 16.

Federal and provincial conservatives complain about the government not stating the cost of carbon pricing schemes to citizens. Have they forgotten how carbon pricing is supposed to work?

To reduce the amount of carbon that we put into the atmosphere, a government can either use regulation or market forces. Regulation is heavy-handed. Polluters must either comply or be shut down. Using market forces is more flexible. We now emit too much carbon because we believe that it costs more to emit less. Carbon pricing provides economic incentives to reduce carbon emission but allows polluters to find their own ways do that.

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