By Tobi Nussbaum,, May 27, 2018

(...)McArthur Complete Street

The City has been preparing to convert McArthur Avenue to a “complete street” by introducing segregated bike lanes from North River Road to St-Laurent. Based on public consultations that began last spring, the plans have been updated to include more physical separation between the bike lanes and vehicle lanes. As part of the project, OC Transpo is proposing to redistribute bus stops along McArthur to ensure bus service on Route #14 is smoother and more reliable, while also ensuring the bus stops integrate safely with new bike lanes. Following an online consultation about the bus stops, the street conversion will take place starting this summer via installation of curbs and medians and repainting of the lines. Area residents and businesses will soon receive construction notices about this project and updates will be provided on the project website. I am continuing to work with City staff and a private property owner towards connecting this new cycling route with the Forbes/Cummings neighbourhood at Rainier/Gardenvale – stay tuned for updates.

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