Denley: This election won't solve the power bill problem

By Randall Denley, Ottawa Citizen, May 23, 2018

This Ontario election is said to be about change, but neither of the other major parties is promising to change the single worst policy instituted by the Kathleen Wynne government.

Instead, they say they will leave the so-called Fair Hydro Plan in place and double down by reducing power bills even more.

Ontario voters need to wrap their heads around how much this idiocy is going to cost us and the bogus justification for the plan, which artificially reduces our power bills by 25 per cent and borrows money to make up the difference.

(...)But what about that clean, green modern power system? Despite the solar and wind spending binge, they supplied only seven per cent of our power last year. The gas plants are overbuilt but seldom used, supplying only four per cent of power. That’s one-seventh of their capacity. It’s all ridiculously inefficient.

The vast majority of our power, 89 per cent, was supplied by nuclear and water power, just like it was before the over-hyped green power revolution.

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