Letter to the Editor: NCC should live up to its commitment to future Canadians

By David Broscoe and Diana Partridge, Kitchissippi Times Letter to the Editor, May 14, 2018

In February the City of Ottawa, at the bidding of the NCC, changed the zoning of the southern part of Rochester Field along Richmond Road from Open Space (O1L[310]-h) to Traditional Mainstreet (TM). This change will allow construction of two mid-rise buildings along Richmond Road in this NCC owned parkland and significantly reduce the view of the Ottawa River from Byron Linear Park and from the neighbourhood to the south.

Why is the NCC interested in developing here anyway? The NCC manages these lands for present and future generations of Canadians, with a mandate including such statements as to ‘care for and protect vital public places … where decisions about the use and development of urban lands are based on considerations of environmental sensitivity.’ Let’s not see parkland disappear in a ward which already has a relative shortage of parks.


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