Today's letters: The cycling debate begins for another season

By Doug McKim and Sharon Mintz, Ottawa Citizen Letters to the Editor, May 7, 2018

Drivers owe cyclists some respect

It is early in the season but I cannot help it. Again, another vehicle-bicycle conflict. What I would really like to see changed, however, is the approach that vehicle drivers take to bicycle drivers.

The incident (among a sad and enormous number) that encouraged this letter was an encounter with a pick-up truck driven by a young man on April 29 at the corner of Pleasant Park and Lynda Lane where I was cycling towards Alta Vista. The pick-up and I stopped at the same time at the stop sign. I continued forward, only to see the pick-up turning right into my path with a young man at the wheel yelling at me that I had to stop (which, I assure you, I had already done). Not only had he failed to be certain that I was not going to be crushed beneath his vehicle, but he did not signal that he was going to turn right – even as he was yelling at me.

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