West-end residents calling out NCC for extensive tree cutting and removal at Mud Lake

By CTV News Ottawa, April 28, 2018

Work to remove dead trees and those infested by the devastating Emerald Ash Borer has residents and users of the Mud Lake Conservation Area up in arms.

Mud Lake is one of the most ecologically important natural habitats in the urban part of Canada’s capital region. It is home to 269 species of birds, dozens of rare and uncommon plant species and wildlife species at risk. It is a provincially significant wetland and an area of natural and scientific interest by the provincial government.

This winter, the National Capital Commission cut down trees in Mud Lake that “posed a safety risk to people” and completed work on other invasive species. According to the NCC, roughly 29 per cent of the total area of this natural habitat is covered by invasive, non-native plan species like glossy buckthorn and honeysuckle.


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