City considering Community Improvement Plan for Vanier

By Saif Kasar, 1310 News Ottawa, April 25, 2018

The city is reaching out to businesses and stakeholders on Montreal Rd., to ask for their input on developing a plan to spark economic growth in Vanier.

"Community Improvement Plans attract new businesses, revitalize existing businesses and stimulate economic growth" said Mayor Jim Watson. "This CIP will help diversify the Montreal Road business mix and will generate much needed investments and jobs in Vanier."

City staff are expected to create a plan to present to City Council in the coming weeks. If approved, the plan would unfold alongside current plans to renew Montreal Road's infrastructure in 2019.

The Community Improvement Plan would include new bike lanes being installed above the curb, beside the sidewalk, as well as incentives for property owners to redevelop their properties.

Trevor Haché, Vice-President of Healthy Transportation Coalition Ottawa, told the Rick Gibbon's Show on 1310NEWS that he believe the businesess along Montreal Rd. would benefit from the proposed plans.

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