QADRI: City to begin preventative maintenance of metallic water mains in May

By Shad Qadri, StittsvilleCentral, April 7, 2018

In May of 2018, Water Services will begin preventive maintenance on metallic water mains as part of its annual Cathodic Protection Program. The program extends the life of a community’s metallic water main by attaching magnesium rods to the water main in the City’s right of way. These rods provide corrosion protection to the water main.

Impacts to residents are typically minimal. There will be noise associated with the excavation, which is done by hydro-excavation. The installation process takes minutes and the resulting 30 cm (1 foot) diameter holes are refilled the same day. There will be no impact to water quality or pressure, as all work takes place on the outside of the water main. Traffic and pedestrian impacts will be minimal.

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