By Tobi Nussbaumm,, April 5, 2018

Transit, Transportation and Infrastructure

Seasonal Traffic Calming

With less snow and ice on the roads, concerns about speeding are likely to be on the rise. We are again working with City staff to implement a seasonal traffic calming plan. We will be expanding the use of temporary and flexible interventions such as flexible signs in the roadway, posts separating bike lanes from vehicle traffic, concrete planter boxes to narrow the road and visual reminders such as speed display boards and painted messages on roadways. Locations where these measures will be implemented in 2018 are based on areas of concern raised by residents and community associations, as well as feedback from City traffic services staff. The plans are in the process of being reviewed and finalized by City engineers – watch my website or send me an email to be notified when the plans are released and begin to be implemented later this spring.

Cycling and Safety Improvements

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