Reevely: Barricaded ByWard Market walkway shows off every urban Ottawa foible at once

By David Reevely, Ottawa Citizen, April 6, 2018

A public pedestrian walkway into the ByWard Market has been locked for over a year, a victim of crime, bad design, a broken contract and failed corporate memory at city hall.

The city isn’t even sure who owns the gates that have been sealed tight since February 2017, when the board at the Place St. George luxury condo building closed them for the night as usual, locked them up and left them that way.

“There were good intentions when it was built back in 2003 or so by the city,” said Gord Diamond, the president of the St. George condo board (he was also general manager of OC Transpo in the early 2000s). “They put a nice paved stone walkway and shrubs and so on, but it became a gathering site between Rideau Street and George Street, a place where people could sit, and hide.”

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