Doucet: In Cape Breton, we don't suete the small stuff, but we do worry about climate change

By Clive Doucet, Ottawa Citizen, March 30, 2018

The windiest place in Canada that’s not on a mountain top is Grand Étang, Nova Scotia.

It’s not something I was really aware of until I built my own house in the village. Part of growing up here was the great south east storms (les suetes) which roll in over the Cape Breton Highlands and blow down everything that isn’t nailed to the earth.

My grandfather had a “suete” rope attached to an iron ring by the barn door and the house porch at the other end. He needed this rope so he wouldn’t get blown off his feet walking from the house to the barn to do chores. This was life in Grand Etang and has been forever.

The big suete winds were not something that bothered me, but things have changed.

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