Dawson: No green bins? Little recycling? What the heck, Ottawa

By Tyler Dawson, Ottawa Citizen, March 31, 2018

The under-use of the green bin program in Ottawa is nothing short of bizarre. It seems either people can’t handle a little grossness or haven’t bothered to look on the city’s website to figure out what can go in the bin and what cannot.

And so, the city is going to allow folks to put plastic bags in the bin to help with the mess, and ideally to encourage more folks to use the bins. At the moment, only 51 per cent of us participate. 

This is a city that mostly elected Liberal politicians, who are strident about the environment to the point of ostentatiousness, and who are flogging taxes to help the environment. Yet people in Ottawa won’t use their green bins? It’s all the same environmentalism.


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