COMMENT: ReStore brings social and environmental benefits to the community

By Kim Dingwall, StittsvilleCentral, March 31, 2018

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Habitat for Humanity’s new ReStore on Iber Road opens on Saturday, April 7 and it will be the organization’s third location in Ottawa.  The store accepts donation of new and gently used items and salvageable building materials, then resells them to the public at a reduced cost.  Kim Dingwall is a Stittsville resident and Habitat for Humanity volunteer, so we asked her to share why she’s looking forward to helping out at the new location.)

As soon as I heard about the new Iber Road Restore location I drove right over. It wasn’t open and I couldn’t see very much through the windows but I knew I had to be there and it had to be often. It’s just so handy and a great “garage sale”. I’ve volunteered with Habitat for Humanity before and I decided quickly to commit again for personal and business reasons.

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