Squirrel nest in your attic? Here's why city squirrels are harder to scare away

By the Ottawa Citizen, March 27, 2018

Hear scratching, scurrying or a pitter patter in your attic?

At this time of year, that could be a squirrel mom, trying to keep her nest of brand new babies warm.  Sean Robertson, President of Get ‘Em Out Wildlife Control in Ottawa tells us why city squirrels are tricky to get rid off, what works and what doesn’t.

“People will think ‘Oh, okay, I have a squirrel hole, might as well close that hole off and that will be the end of it.’ But the problem with that, is you are either going to lock mom away from her babies and the babies are going to die inside, or mom is going to chew apart every piece of your roof to get back to those babies.”


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