Today's letters: Recycling is in the bag

By Barry Wellar and others, Ottawa Citizen Letters to the Editor, March 24, 2018

Garbage in, garbage out

Re: Waste contract big risk, city told, March 21.

Two words taxpayers never want to hear describing a city contract are: “severe ambiguity.” It is downright shocking to see them as the opening words in a disturbing news story about the City of Ottawa’s multi-million-dollar arrangement with Orgaworld to divert organic waste from the Trail Road dump to a processing facility on Hawthorne Road.

(...)Stop picking on cyclists

Re: Fix the roads, stop catering to cyclists, March 21.

As I cycled 13 kilometres to my office this morning, I contemplated the letter from my fellow grandparents who reside in rural Ottawa. Their views are in line with others, which seem to be premised on the notion that people who get around under their own steam must be subversive or something. I am at a loss to understand their arguments.

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