City could be encouraged to divert diapers from dump, but continues ban for green bin

By Jon Willing, Ottawa Citizen, March 21, 2018

The city doesn’t want dirty diapers in its green bin program, but in a few years it might not have a choice.

The city is in the midst of amending its contract with Orgaworld — the company responsible for handling Ottawa’s compost — and plans on keeping diapers and other sanitary products out of the green bin. But that possibly doesn’t align with provincial plans, with Ontario eying a move to get diapers out of the regular waste stream as early as 2022.

The city says diapers belong in the dump on Trail Road, not in Orgaworld’s composting plant in rural south Ottawa.

For that reason, council next week will vote on a revised contract with Orgaworld that will continue the diaper ban. The new deal, however, would add dog waste and plastic bags as approved items for the green bin. Orgaworld is agreeing to $9.4 million in facility upgrades, including nearly $4 million in work to reduce odours.

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