Today's letters: Parenting, picketing and priorities

By Sylvia P. MacDonald and Colleen Nottell, Ottawa Citizen Letter to the Editor, March 20, 2018

Fix the roads, stop catering to cyclists

As two seniors living in Greely, we are fed up with the bike lobby and the city catering to it. We want the city to stick to the basic priorities: police, fire, waste, housing, emergency services and roads.

We do not have regular bus service, nearby stores or pharmacies. We need to drive. Our roads, especially Mitch Owens Drive and Stagecoach Road, are in deplorable condition.  

Yet we read City of Ottawa notices about the “Osgoode Pathway to Manotick Link” consultation for cycling – while our roads are unsafe. Already some cars and bikes do not follow the rules. There is little enforcement. Cars are licensed and drivers trained and tested and violations fined. Bicycles should be registered and licensed as well. Our city is geographically huge and people must drive.

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