Letters to the Editor: Cycle path article prompts new ideas for broken route

By  Tijs Creutzberg and others, New Edinburgh News, February 2018
Many readers felt NEN’s December 2017 cover story, “Residents propose new off-street route for interim cycle path,” contained phrasing both in the article and in the headline which implied the proposal to move the detoured cycle path off Stanley Avenue was an approved plan endorsed by the NECA board. This is not the case and NEN regrets any confusion. As it stands, the NECA board continues to look for proposals from residents for ameliorating the multi-use pathway which is currently being detoured onto Stanley Avenue for the next few years. The following are some responses from readers concerning the original article.
I write to register strong dismay and disagreement with the proposal to extend the bike
path through the middle of Stanley Park (Re:“Residents propose new off-street route for
interim cycle path,” NEN, December 2017). The proposal comes with little to no consul-
tation that I am aware of with the many that would be affected.

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