Don't let the city off the hook over Prince of Wales Bridge, group tells transport minister

By Jon Willing, Ottawa Citizen, March 19, 2018

A group advocating for the Prince of Wales Bridge is asking federal Transport Minister Marc Garneau to not let the City of Ottawa off the hook so easily when it comes to the interprovincial crossing.

The grassroots Ottawa River Bridge (ORB), which has a core group of about five people organizing the effort, wrote to Garneau on Monday suggesting that the federal cabinet shouldn’t rescind an order from the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA).

The order compels the city to restore the rail line north of Bayview transit station so that it would be operable within 12 months of the agency giving running rights to another rail company. The order also applies to the city-owned bridge spanning the river. The other option offered by the CTA is for the city to discontinue the line, effectively removing the city’s control.

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