Today's letters: Naming LRT trains, and taking your bikes on them

By Mike O'Reilly and others, Ottawa Citizen Letters to the Editor, March 3, 2018

A glaring omission in train names

Re: Gord Downie, Rocket Richard among winning names for Transpo LRT cars, Feb. 24.

I was disappointed but not totally shocked by an omission from the names selected for the train cars on the city’s LRT system.
Thomas Ahearn, along with his partner Warren Soper, were 19th-century Ottawa electrical pioneers. They built generating stations at Chaudière Falls, which can still be seen today, as part of the Hydro Ottawa system.

They founded the Ottawa Electric Railway, running streetcars from Britannia to Rockcliffe. The O.E.R. begat the Ottawa Transportation Commission (O.T.C.) which morphed into OC Transpo. There is a clear lineage and not a little irony, connecting the rails now being laid across LeBreton Flats (Ahearn’s birthplace) and the O.E.R.

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