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By Hani Mokhtar and others, Ottawa Citizen Letters to the Editor, February 23, 2018

Bikes and trains won’t mix

Re: Transit commission wants to allow bikes on trains during all service hours, Feb. 21.

The decision by the Transit Commission to allow bikes on the LRT trains is a mistake. I am not aware of any transit system that allows bikes on subway, LRT or streetcars anywhere else. Rapid transit systems are designed to move a lot of people quickly; therefore stops should be as short as possible. Even European cities, which are a lot more bike-friendly than North America, do not allow bikes on their systems.

I have ridden the same model of Alstom trains in France for years and cannot see how allowing bikes can possibly work. In Nice, tourists with suitcases have a hard time getting on and off the trains and the locals let them know in no uncertain terms of their displeasure.