Perry: Saving downtown means pivoting to biking and walking

This was posted more than 12 months ago. The information may be outdated.

By Michelle Perry, Ottawa Citizen, February 19, 2018

The following is a rebuttal to Tyler Dawson’s recent column, “It’s not a Sparks Street problem, it’s a downtown problem”:

Tyler Dawson says that improving Sparks Street requires “a wholesale change to how Ottawa thinks of downtown” and that “for the city, the best bet is to make all of downtown, not just Sparks, a place people can get to and around with some degree of comfort.”

Yes, absolutely. But, strangely, he limits the discussion to transit and driving: “It could be the most beautiful laneway in the city, with brilliant cuisine and dazzling entertainment, but still nobody would come if it was hard to get to either by transit or car, and if either option was too pricey or parking too much of a pain.”