LETTER: Better bus service and cycling routes would help reduce traffic

By Stephen Hickson, StittsvilleCentral, February 20, 2018

Re: QADRI: Send me your traffic calming suggestions

First, we need to properly address why there is so much traffic in Stittsville. Stittsville, like many North American exurban areas was built with the car in mind. It is nearly impossible to survive in Stittsville without a car. I believe that this can change through proper urban planning.

Stittsville continues to lack a proper North-South cycling route and bus service is only effective during peak hours. While I applaud the current and future efforts for cycling and transit infrastructure on and around Robert Grant, I believe that this is simply too little and too late. People oriented transportation should be easily accessible which is why I think that there should be cycling facilities on West Ridge and at least Main Street north of Abbott where people can use them to run errands, visit friends and get to work.


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