Editorial: LRT – taxpayers deserve better information this election year

By the Editor, Ottawa Citizen, February 7, 2018

In the grand scheme of things, a six-month delay on Phase 1 of the LRT isn’t catastrophic. Yes, it will cause real pain to some downtown businesses that have lost customers because of years-long construction outside their doors. But for most of us, waiting until November to hop a train at Tunney’s or Blair Station won’t be some grave exercise in human suffering.

What this week’s disclosure of the new “delivery” date for LRT service highlights, however, is the odd culture of secrecy around the project – most of it, in our opinion, utterly unnecessary. Between now and November, both the private Rideau Transit Group and the city of Ottawa can and should do better. Voters must demand openness from our local politicians as they head into (re)election season.


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