QADRI: Concept plans posted for William Bradley Park in Porter Place

By Shad Qadri, StittsvilleCentral. January 26, 2018

The City is seeking feedback from residents on the proposed plan for the new park to be located in the Porter Place development.  William Bradley Park is a new .34 hectares accessible park on gently rolling terrain located on Porter Street in Stittsville.

The park includes active and passive play areas, swings, and an asphalt pathway loop with seating and bicycle parking. There are 2 options for active play for the community to choose from: a children’s play structure; or an adult fitness area.  An existing vegetative buffer along the southeast of the property complements generous tree planting for shade and visual buffering.  The name for this park was recommend by a member of the community and was approved through the City’s Commemorative Naming Program, for more information on William Bradley please visit here.

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