Coyne: You already pay to use roads — just not in a way that would fix traffic congestion

By Andrew Coyne, Ottawa Citizen, January 17, 2018

Well what do you know. The good news in Tuesday’s initial report of Metro Vancouver’s Mobility Pricing Independent Commission, struck last year to come up with ways to relieve the region’s crippling traffic congestion, is not just that it has put mobility pricing — road pricing, tolls, or as the commission calls it, decongestion charging — squarely on the province’s political agenda: it’s that the idea was not dismissed out of hand by political leaders.

(...)Yet point out that a similar consequence has in fact followed from our failure to price roads — the delays and congestion that are everywhere in our major cities — and the instant objection is “affordability.” Never mind that the only people for whom the cost of road pricing would be an issue are those who can afford to buy a car.

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