Kitchissippi year in review (2017 edition!)

By Anita Grace, Kitchissippi Times, January 5, 2018

2017 was a year of big news: Floods, fires, Donald Trump. But while these headlines grab our attention and sometimes keep us up at night, there are other things happening here in this community that we call home.

Here’s where we look back on the year that was: a year in which local businesses banded together and rallied the community to help homeless women; arts and music festivals closed the streets and gathered us together outdoors; the local restaurants expanded, won awards, or opened their doors for the first time. This was a year the community debated grassland that may be paved over, parking and transit issues, and, of course, infill and development. 2017 was also the year that many community newspapers suffered a blow, but we will continue to share Kitchissippi’s stories as long as you are reading them.

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