West-end councillors weigh in on the year ahead

By Melissa Murray, Ottawa Community News, January 3, 2018

From Christmas miracles in the city’s 2018 budget to traffic, intensification, light-rail transit plans moving forward and a nationwide party, 2017 was full of milestones, ups and downs for west-end councillors.

(...)In Kitchissippi, 2018 will bring the second phase of the Loretta Street rebuild, and Leiper will continue to set money aside for the redevelopment of Laroche Park field house. The year will bring some cycling and traffic improvements to Byron Avenue and pedestrian improvements to the Richmond Road and Churchill Avenue intersection.

(...)But when it came time to pass the budget, she (Catherine McKenna) said it was a disappointment that there wasn’t room for an increase in funding for emerging community service groups, or for more winter maintenance money for the city’s pedestrian plan.


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