Police warn of Uber scam in downtown and Market areas

By Christian Paas-Lang, Ottawa Citizen, December 20, 2017

Police are warning the public about a scam in which a person posing as an Uber driver robs riders’ accounts after stealing their credit or debit card data.

Police say the male suspect typically waits at night for people leaving bars or restaurants looking for taxis — particularly in the ByWard Market area — and approaches them claiming to be an Uber driver. At this point, the customers have not requested a ride through the Uber app. After driving to the riders’ destination, the suspect asks to be paid directly using a credit or debit card.

After the riders have paid, the suspect is able to acquire their credit card or debit data, likely through the use of a card “skimmer” device. The suspect then finds an ATM and is able to withdraw money from their accounts.


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