Today's letters: Wage hikes, transit fares and the CBC

By Andrew Hartshorn, Ottawa Citizen Letter to the Editor, December 13, 2017

Do away with public transit fares

Re: Here’s why OC Transpo should worry about Uber, Dec. 8.

I enjoyed Tyler Dawson’s report on OC Transpo fares and passenger woes. So for the third time in 10-plus years, I am going to make the same proposal.

I understand that almost half of each fare is subsidized by the taxpayers of the region. But it represents quite a small part of the tax bill. Why not double the amount taxpayers pay, and make all travel on OC Transpo free? This will increase ridership, guaranteed; and reduce vehicles on the roads.  And to all the taxpayers who moan at the extra charge, ride the bus. Tourists would welcome the idea too.

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