McLeod: Transpo's electronic fare card system is not the ticket for low-income riders

By Jonathan McLeod, Ottawa Sun, December 13, 2017

OC Transpo has got rid of bus tickets. No more can you pop down to the corner store to grab a sheet of colourful little paper tokens before hopping on the bus.

The last of the paper tickets were sold in November. If you still have some, they can be used up until April 30, 2018. After that, they’re worthless.

At first blush, this seems to make sense. It’s the digital age and we’ve got the Presto system, which works — most of the time. (Some of the time? A lot of the time? Look, just go with me on this.) So in our ultra-modern time, we should just use Presto rather than fumbling with tiny pieces of paper.

It’s easier. It’s cheaper. There’s less waste. What’s not to like?

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