Ottawa environmental groups make plea for funding

By Kimberly Molina, CBC News Ottawa, December 12, 2017

A consortium of environmental groups across Ottawa is making an 11th hour plea to Mayor Jim Watson to increase funding for climate change initiatives in the budget.

A group of nine people tried to deliver a letter requesting at least $1.5 million be added to the 2018 budget, but as they approached the mayor's office hoping to meet with Jim Watson, the group was instead greeted by security.

'The community's not a threat. Climate change is.' - Robb Barnes, executive director of Ecology Ottawa
No one immediately answered the door to the mayor's office despite repeated attempts.

"The community's not a threat. Climate change is and it's a shame [the mayor] won't meet with community representatives who want to talk about climate change," said Robb Barnes, executive director of Ecology Ottawa.

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