Councillors propose one-time tax increase to help cover infrastructure gap

By Ted Raymond, CFRA News, December 7, 2017

Eight City Councillors have, so far, signed on to a plan to propose a one-time tax increase next year to help cover a gap in funding for city infrastructure.

The 2018 draft budget will be voted on at City Council December 13, but councillors say there is a $70 million gap in funding for things like roads and sidewalks, and other city-owned infrastructure.

A motion by Kitchissippi ward councillor Jeff Leiper proposes a one-time 0.5% increase to property taxes in 2018, which he says would raise about $8 million to go toward repairing crumbling capital assets. It would mean an extra $12 a year for the average urban homeowner, on top of the $76 increase already laid out in the budget.

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