Councillors propose one-time tax increase to help cover infrastructure gap

This was posted more than 12 months ago. The information may be outdated.

By Ted Raymond, CFRA News, December 7, 2017

Eight City Councillors have, so far, signed on to a plan to propose a one-time tax increase next year to help cover a gap in funding for city infrastructure.

The 2018 draft budget will be voted on at City Council December 13, but councillors say there is a $70 million gap in funding for things like roads and sidewalks, and other city-owned infrastructure.

A motion by Kitchissippi ward councillor Jeff Leiper proposes a one-time 0.5% increase to property taxes in 2018, which he says would raise about $8 million to go toward repairing crumbling capital assets. It would mean an extra $12 a year for the average urban homeowner, on top of the $76 increase already laid out in the budget.