An Inconvenient Ottawa? What will climate change actually mean for the nation's capital?

By Tom Spears, Ottawa Citizen, November 19, 2017

It’s Canada Day, 2067 — our bicentennial.

In Ottawa, the peach trees have lost their blossoms and young fruit are developing nicely as mockingbirds and blue grosbeaks hop from branch to branch.

The kids are slathered in sunscreen. It’s uncomfortably warm in the city — not very pleasant weather for the Canada 200 ceremony on the Hill — and people are crowding the beaches, despite some early hints of smelly blue-green algae. The catfish are biting nicely. Dad keeps talking about the trout that lived around here, back in his day.

Politicians are debating what to do about the latest flood damage. The Ottawa and Gatineau rivers have once again inundated homes on shorelines and in old sections of Gatineau. You’d think the heat would dry up all that water, people say, but rain just keeps falling. It also washed out a lot of Eastern Ontario’s cornfields — again.

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