The IT Factor, Part 4: Will autonomous cars drive Ottawa's tech future?

By Tracey Lindman, Ottawa Citizen, November 11, 2017

It was a sunny October afternoon when a gunmetal grey Lincoln MKZ drove itself down a road-test circuit in Kanata. Mayor Jim Watson beamed from inside the car, waving at the throng of onlookers who’d gathered on either side of the road to watch what was touted as the first event of its kind in Canada.

The self-driving car — equipped with BlackBerry QNX software designed in Ottawa — is no mere hunk of metal. It’s the culmination of years of innovation and effort, a source of futuristic inspiration for Ottawa.

It’s also the subject of this installment of The IT Factor, the Citizen’s five-part series on the ambitions and realities of the city’s tech sector.

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