Have Ottawa's urban parks kept up with its growth?
Metro Ottawa

By Kieran Delamont, Ottawa Metro News, October 22, 2017

Over the past decade, Ottawa has seen a substantial amount of growth in its urban population and neighbourhoods, creating a problem: how do you keep growing and provide enough park space.

Though it hasn't struggled to create new parkland to the same degree as cities like Toronto, which lacks greenspace in the downtown core, that challenge has been something that Ottawa has struggled with over the last decade. In 2006, the city set out a goal for urban parkland, in its Greenspace Master Plan, of two hectares for every 1,000 residents. But since 2006, many urban parts of the city have fallen well short —especially in wards that have grown substantially since then.

According to city data calculated by Metro, Ward 14, which encompasses much of the downtown area, has only .19 ha per 1,000 residents. Ward 15, with fast-growing neighbourhoods like Hintonburg and Mechanicsville, has only 1.04 ha for every 1,000 residents.


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