Nussbaum: How to build public support for urban intensification
Ottawa Citizen

By Tobi Nussbaum, Ottawa Citizen, October 12, 2017

You could not be faulted for approaching the new Minto building at the western gateway of Beechwood Avenue with excited anticipation.

After a fire devastated the previous structure in 2011, reducing apartments and beloved shops to ash, the sad and barren site sat boarded up until 2015, when construction began on a nine-storey, mixed-use building.As you approach the new edifice, however, you may be puzzled. You recall the renderings showed an attractive entrance and transparent windows at a notched corner focal point, beckoning passers-by.

Instead, you are confronted at the door by a Bank of Montreal emergency exit sign directing you elsewhere. Shade-drawn windows obscure the view inside. To get to the actual entrance, you round the corner and pass by three more large windows, equally opaque, creating a mirroring effect and dulling the pedestrian experience.

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