Dawson: Ottawa’s not going electric – at least not in hockey arenas
Ottawa Citizen

By Tyler Dawson, Ottawa Citizen, October 12, 2017

A Toyota Prius versus a Ford Mustang. A Chevy Volt versus a Dodge RAM. An electric Zamboni versus a propane Zamboni.Which would you choose?

Well, the City of Ottawa has made its choice and it comes down firmly on the side of a machine that burns fossil fuels. In 2017, it bought eight propane Zambonis, at a cost of $84,000 each, and one natural gas machine, at a cost of $87,000, instead of going with electric options.

“The issues with these existing electric units have included limited operating time between battery charging, facility up-costs regarding charging stations, specialized training of operators, and in particular power/performance shortfalls which limits where electric ice resurfacers can operate effectively,” says a report to the city’s transportation committee.


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