Coyote information session held to alleviate residents' worries about recent sightings

By Christopher Whan, Ottawa Community News, October 12, 2017

Unless you're a small pet or a beeping roadrunner, the city and the Ministry of Natural Resources say you have little to worry about when it comes to coyotes.

In an information session the Nepean Sailing Club on Oct. 11, Bay Ward Coun. Mark Taylor and local wildlife experts from the city and the ministry said coyote sightings in the area are nothing out of the ordinary. As long as residents who live near the Greenbelt follow a few simple rules, coyotes won’t be an issue.According to Nick Stow, a city senior environmental planner, coyotes are in every major North American city. Through deforestation and development over the last several hundred years, humans have provided a perfect environment for coyotes.

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