Pruning with a bulldozer: Wisteria Park residents sound alarm over DND 'deforesting'

By Erin MacCracken, Ottawa Community News, September 28, 2017

The sound of heavy equipment and chainsaws brought Wisteria Park residents out into their backyards, where they watched, shocked, as workers began clearing away a large swath of trees and brush.

“That’s a lot of damage,” Joanne Chew said, standing in a section of woodlot that has been reduced to overturned earth since work began Sept. 25. “It’s almost like watching a documentary about a gas company clearing for a gas line. It doesn’t make sense.”

(...)Now that several have been axed, residents say they are already feeling the heat since their properties are no longer shaded from the sun, and they worry about the reduced barrier that has buffered them from airport noise and pollution.

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