Wayward young osprey gets free ride back to nest courtesy Ottawa firefighters
Ottawa Citizen

By Blair Crawford, Ottawa Citizen, August 17, 2017

It took three attempts, a raw fish as bait and — crucially — kevlar gloves, but Ottawa firefighters helped a wayward, not-quite-fledged osprey home Thursday morning.

“I’d never been that close to an osprey before,” said Ottawa Fire public information officer Danielle Cardinal. “The talons were opening and closing, but apart from that it was surprisingly calm.

”It’s not the osprey nest’s first time in the spotlight. Last summer, landowner Dave Craig accidentally toppled the old and rotting osprey platform he had installed on his Rideau River property in the mid-1980s. One of two osprey chicks was killed in the mishap. Craig erected a new 16-metre platform last August and the osprey pair returned this spring as usual, raising two young.


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