Waiting on a train: How Ottawa’s Confederation LRT Line is taking shape around us
Ottawa Citizen

This was posted more than 12 months ago. The information may be outdated.

By Matthew Pearson, Ottawa Citizen, August 12, 2017

Through a chain-link fence I watch as a ready-mix truck backs into place and lowers its trough. A river of wet concrete flows to the pump truck and up a large robotic arm, the boom, which extends high above a square section of earth. The workers barely say a word to each other. They’ve done this so many times before they could probably do it now with their eyes closed. I have stood on this side of the fence before, watching the Confederation LRT Line come to life.

I once walked the entire length of it, from Blair station to Tunney’s Pasture — and even swam across the Rideau River — for a series of stories dubbed Walk the Line. The goal was to see for myself all the neighbourhoods and nooks the LRT line will touch as it cuts an east-west path across the city centre once it opens in 2018.