Woman's power shut down by condo after charging hybrid electric car - Ottawa - CBC News

By Elise Von Sheel, CBC News Ottawa, July 31, 2017

Kimberly Hsiung listened to the pleasant hum of the engine as she drove home in her new hybrid electric car. She parked in her assigned space at her Nepean condo, then plugged the Chevrolet Volt into the post to charge overnight. After following this routine for two weeks, her hydro abruptly went out.

(...)"They cut off the power and sent us an email informing us that it is against the bylaws to charge electric vehicles," she said, explaining her specific condo bylaw only allows block heaters to use the posts.

When Hsiung asked how she could follow the bylaws while powering her car, she was told that each condo owner who wanted to charge an electric vehicle had to get permission from the condo board, pay for an electrician and build a separate charging station on their own dime — with a hefty price tag of about $5,000.


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