Bright idea? Light pollution fears shadow NCC plan to light up capital
Ottawa Citizen

By Gabrielle Roy, Ottawa Citizen, July 28, 2017

The National Capital Region is known for its breathtaking views and historical landmarks. Come sundown, though, the moonlight only illuminates a portion of Canada’s history.

A plan is afoot to brighten up some of Ottawa’s landmarks during the nighttime. Yet, many consequences will come to light as the city gets brighter.

After an analysis of the current evening condition of the capital region, the National Capital Commission developed what has been dubbed the Capital Illumination Plan in collaboration with the City of Ottawa, the City of Gatineau as well as private and public stakeholders.

Over a 10-year period, the NCC plans on showcasing the nighttime landscape of the capital region with the goal of “promoting sustainable development, enhancing the Capital’s nighttime beauty, enriching the resident and visitor experience and supporting existing planning, heritage conservation and urban design strategies.”

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