Conservation Authority fighting spread of dangerous weed
Metro Ottawa

By Kieran Delamont, Ottawa Metro News, July 24, 2017

The Rideau Valley Conservation Authority have seen an uptick in complaints about Japanese knotweed, an incredibly-difficult-to-kill invasive species can break through concrete.

The bamboo-like species, which has been known to be able to grow through pretty much anything (including concrete and asphalt) has been reported in more than a dozen locations throughout the Ottawa region.

“It definitely seems to be more of an interest this year,” says Meaghan McDonald of the RVCA. It’s hard to determine whether an increase in complaints is because of an actual increase in the spread of the plant, or if people are simply reporting it more often. Nevertheless, it remains a point of concern for the RVCA. “It’s probably one of their top targets,” she says.

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