Editorial: Yes, cyclists have to obey the rules too
Ottawa Citizen

By the Editor, Ottawa Citizen, July 17, 2017

It’s just a few seconds of YouTube footage, but it’s harrowing. The dashboard camera in Nick Fleury’s car captures the horrifying moment when a cyclist pedalling through a red light is smacked by a car at the intersection of Lyon Street and Laurier Avenue. The impact flings the bike clear across the intersection; its rider bounces off the car’s hood and, miraculously, rises to his feet.

The cyclist reportedly was not seriously injured, nor were the occupants of the car that accidentally whacked him. He was charged with a traffic violation. But this could have been much worse: for example, the video shows a transport truck parked in the same lane near the accident site. Does anyone doubt what the outcome would have been if that vehicle had accidentally struck the red-light-running cyclist?


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