Feds want to cut taxi bill by abandoning paper chit payments - Politics - CBC News

By Dean Beeby, CBC News Ottawa, July 7, 2017

Canada's taxi industry is facing more pressure to modernize as the federal government looks for ways to cut its multimillion-dollar cab tab.

Most public servants are currently issued taxi chits, paper tickets filled out by hand – a system dating back to the Second World War.

Hanif PatniHanif Patni is president of Coventry Connections, an Ottawa taxi dispatch company. He says his firm has been in talks for two years about getting rid of 'paper chits.' The cost of ferrying public servants to and from meetings in the Ottawa-area alone is about $11 million annually, with each ride costing an average of $14.50. Every business day, local cabs pick up and drop off more than 3,000 federal workers on average, many headed to the airport.


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